And Time Flies...1 September 2009

There's an XKCD comic out there about the guy who blogs to say that he doesn't blog enough. I laugh at myself as I write this. Its been a pretty busy year to say the least. Development on GRAB has replaced my previous pet project and I expect to have principle coding finished by the end of September. I'm still playing L5R. Had a great SummerFest 2009. Playing other assorted video games. Looking forward to the release of Tomb: Cryptmaster. Other than that, not much else going on except being incredibly busy most of the time. Hopefully I'll get more active in posting as more GRAB news comes forth. Until next time... take care.

Busy New Years4 March 2009

Yikes. Long time in updating. I've been busy working on my own game project and pushing through some projects at my day job so there hasn't been too much time for anything else. I've put TF2 back into my rotation of gaming next to L4D. Picked up Chrono Trigger for the DS. I'll get a Now Playing! entry up for both of those sometime soon. Other than that its a quick road to the GDC. Part of me can't wait and part of me wishes I had more time to get my gaming projects done.

Now Playing! Update12 December 2008

The Now Playing section has been updated with entries for Legend of the Five Rings and Left4Dead.

Now Playing! Update11 October 2008

The Now Playing section has been updated with entries for Warhammer Online for Windows PCs and Mega Man 9 for various downloadable consoles.